Efficient and Cost-effective Drone – NDVI system for Precision Farming

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Shethia Harsh
Dhiraj Singh
Shraddha Pathak


The motive of the project is to develop a under budget system that automates the process of farming by interfacing cutting edge technologies like Drones and ‘NDVI’ to improve the level of productivity in Agriculture. Humans and satellites have a hard time beating a drone’s eye for detail in scanning farming systems from above. Flying below the clouds, collecting and sending images in almost real-time, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) gained ground quickly in agriculture in the last decade as part of so-called precision agriculture. Among their wide range of applications, they can help farmers check crops’ health, track livestock, plan fertilization, assess damages, and map fields at high-resolution. But all this comes with a cost. Currently the models of drones used for such applications cost extensively higher, which makes it unfeasible for the small farmers, especially in India. The projects aim on designing a drone system that can work on both autonomous as well as manual mode and perform mapping, inspecting and spraying processes with efficiency accuracy and considerably good speed which can help boosting the profits of the farmers with large as well as small agricultural lands. As there are lots of restrictions on Drone flight in India. The project aims to follow and implements all the norms stated by the government. (e.g., Permission before flight). The project aims towards overcoming all the above-mentioned problems by automating the procedure.


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Harsh, S. ., Singh , D., & Pathak , S. (2022). Efficient and Cost-effective Drone – NDVI system for Precision Farming. International Journal of New Practices in Management and Engineering, 10(04), 14–19. https://doi.org/10.17762/ijnpme.v10i04.126


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