Questions about Journal/Publication Body

What is the ISSN of the journal?

e-ISSN: 2250-0839

How much old this journal? | When it was started? | when first issue of the journal was published?

It was started in year 2012.

Is it open access journal?

Yes, it is an open access journal.

Is it peer reviewed journal?

Yes, it is double blinded peer reviewed journal.

How much time you will take to resolve a query?

It will be resolved within 72 hours.

Questions about Journal Template/Camera Ready paper

What is paper submission process?

All submitted paper should be cutting edge, result oriented, original paper and should be under the scope of the journal that should belong to the engineering and technology area. Paper will be rejected with immediate effect if belong to ‘Overview/brief, Review, Case study/ Study, Survey/ Novel approach, Comparative Analysis, Comparative Investigation, Investigation’.

What is the plagiarism policy?

We did not accept paper that having plagiarized contents. Good quality plagiarism software/ tool (Turnitin / iThenticate) will be used to check similarity that would not be more than 20% including reference section. In the case of exclusion of references, it should be less than 5%.

Which software is referred for plagiarism/ similarity check?

Turnitin software.

Questions about Paper Submission Procedure/Eligibility/Scope

Did I eligible to submit my research work to this journal?

Yes, you are eligible to submit your research work.

What is the procedure to submit research paper?

You can send your research paper to the given email address but paper should be within the scope of the journal. Be sure that all papers should be belong to engineering and technology stream only. All papers are numbered. Paper1.doc should be start from page number 1 and it will be continue for rest of the papers. All authors should have min 100 world profile along with their photo. It is also noted paper should be result oriented, plagiarism less than 20% including reference section. In the paper title, there should not be word ‘Overview, brief, Review, Case study, Study, Survey/ Approach, Comparative, Investigation, comparison. These words may cause for rejection of the paper.

Can I send only abstract for review?

No, you have to send full length paper for review process.

How much time will you take for review process?

It depends on reviewer response. It will take min 04 weeks for it.

How many reviewers will evaluate/examine submitted paper?

This journal uses double-blind review process, which means that both the reviewer (s) and author (s) identities concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the review process. All submitted manuscripts are reviewed by three reviewer one from India and rest two from overseas.

How many times I can submit paper for publication? | How many articles can be submitted for same volume/issue?

Any one author cannot submit more than 02 papers for the same volume/issue

How many authors may be cited in a paper?

Maximum 04 authors are to be allowed a paper.

Can I submit same paper to the multiple journals?

No, It is advised you, do not submit the same article to multiple journals at the same time. You should wait for review report.

Is it compulsory to submit papers in the given journal template?

All accepted papers should be formatted as per Journal Template. Be sure that Each author profile (min 100 word) along with photo should be included in the final paper/camera ready submission. In the formatted paper, volume no/ issue no will be in the right top corner of the paper. In the case of failure, the papers will be declined from the database of journal and publishing house.

Questions about Terms & Conditions/Policy/Authors Guidelines

My paper has been published. Can make any changes now in the paper?

Contents of the paper are fine and satisfactory. Author (s) can make rectification in the final paper but after the final submission to the journal, rectification is not possible.

Is any instructions/ guidelines for authors?

Yes, It is available in the ‘Authors Guidelines’ page. Please visit journal website.

What are the Terms & Conditions of the journal?

Please visit journal website. It is available in the ‘Authors Guidelines’ page.

What are the copyrights points?

Please visit journal website. It is available in the ‘Authors Guidelines’ page.

How much time you will take to resolve a query?

It will be resolved within 72 hours.