Automatic Vehicle Over speed Controlling System using Microcontroller Unit and ARCAD

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Prof. Madhuri Zambre


The main purpose of this paper is to develop a system that avoid accidents because of vehicles with high speed. Also, authorizes the pedestrians and public to cross the highway road with no risk from vehicles which are moving with high speed. Generally, drivers of the vehicles with high speed drives in an uncontrollable manner even in speed limited areas without taking into consideration about the public. Even traffic policemen could not able to control them and attain good response from the high speed vehicle drivers. Also, we cannot monitor them to limit their speed at all times in those areas. So, here we develop a system which controls the speed of the vehicles in those locations without involving the drivers. Here, we employ RF communication method in controlling the speed of the vehicles. Finally, we connect RF receiver to the vehicle and locations are connected with the transmitter. Also, the transmitters are coded to send the transmitted signals continuously with a small delay between the adjacent signals. So, if a high speed vehicle is entering the location then their receivers will automatically senses the received code. Thereafter, the speed of the vehicle is limited dynamically by employing an embedded system inside them.


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Prof. Madhuri Zambre. (2016). Automatic Vehicle Over speed Controlling System using Microcontroller Unit and ARCAD. International Journal of New Practices in Management and Engineering, 5(04), 01–05.