Intelligent Banal type INS based Wassily chair (INSW)

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Mr. Dharmesh Dhabliya


The navigation of physically impaired requires a continuous positioning with certain accuracy in their environments. This paper proposes an automated wheel chair developed for the indoor navigation using Inertial Navigation System (INS) for the physically blight persons. The Wassily chairs are the mobile chairs that facilitate the movement of the user in pre-functioned places. This is an intelligent vehicle which has all the feasibility for the usage of the physically impaired. This mobile chair replaces the traditional gear system with the keypad system to reach the destined places and to locate the things in the destined places. This makes the vehicle smart and user-friendly augmenting the viability to carry out their day to day activities.  It has an additional feature, the automatic airbag system which provides hip bone protections.


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Mr. Dharmesh Dhabliya. (2012). Intelligent Banal type INS based Wassily chair (INSW). International Journal of New Practices in Management and Engineering, 1(01), 01–08.