Modified Golomb-Rice Algorithm for Color Image Compression

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Mr. Rahul Sharma


The memory required to store the color image is more. We have reduced the memory requirements using Golomb-rice algorithm. Golomb-rice algorithm consists of the following two steps. In Golomb-Rice algorithm the first step is to compress the image using discrete wavelet transform. By using DWT compression the 8 × 8 image is converted into m × n sub-windows and it is converted into raster file format for producing m × n-1 differential data. Encoding is done by using Golomb-Rice coding.  After encoding, the process length, code word and size are calculated by using GR coding.In the second step decoding is done by GR coding based on the obtained length and code word. After that decoded image is decompressed in order to get the original image by using the inverse discrete wavelet transform. 


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