A Review of Skin Melanoma Detection Based on Machine Learning

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Ashish Anil. Meshram
Anup Gade, Abhimanyu Dutonde


Dermatological malignancies, such as skin cancer, are the most extensively known kinds of human malignancies in people with fair skin. Despite the fact that malignant melanoma is the type of skin cancer that is associated with the highest mortality rate, the non-melanoma skin tumors are unquestionably normal. The frequency of both melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers is increasing, and the number of cases being studied is increasing at a reasonably regular period, according to the National Cancer Institute. Early detection of skin cancer can help patient’s live longer lives by reducing their mortality rate. In this research, we will look at various approaches for initiating period melanoma skin cancer detection and compare them. Pathologists use biopsies to diagnose skin lesions, and they base their decisions on cell life systems and tissue transport in many cases. However, in many cases, the decision is emotional, and it commonly results in significant changeability. The application of quantitative measures by PC diagnostic devices, on the other hand, allows for more accurate target judgment. This research examines the preceding period as well as current advancements in the field of machine-aided skin cancer detection (MASCD).


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Meshram, A. A. ., & Abhimanyu Dutonde, A. G. . (2022). A Review of Skin Melanoma Detection Based on Machine Learning. International Journal of New Practices in Management and Engineering, 11(01), 15–23. https://doi.org/10.17762/ijnpme.v11i01.145


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